Sunday Service – 7th Mar ’21


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Message - Judas

The Bible reading for today is Matthew 26:6-30. You can read this by clicking here.

During Lent we're providing some questions to go with each message. These are for use in home groups, or for you to reflect on at home.

To download these questions in PDF format, click here.

  1. Why do you think Judas was willing to hand Jesus over to the authorities?

  2. In what ways do Judas’ attitude and actions reflect the attitudes and actions of all the disciples? In what ways do they reflect our own relationship with Jesus?

  3. Karl Barth writes that Judas’ willingness to hand Jesus over is:

    …an indication that his nature and function are those of the apostle who ultimately regrets his own devotion and the devotion of others to Jesus, who would prefer ultimately to use the power of this devotion for something which his own judgment considers to be better; for whom Jesus is finally less important and indispensable than this better thing. He is not opposed to Jesus. He even wishes to be for Him. But he is for Him in such a way—not totally, that is to say—that actually he is against Him. He reserves to himself the right to decide for himself, in face of Jesus, what the way of apostolic discipleship really involves.’

    • Do you agree with this?
    • If Barth is right, what might this have to teach us about our own discipleship and relationship with Jesus?
    • Which aspects of our lives do we struggle (or perhaps even refuse) to yield to Jesus. In what ways are we holding back from worshipping him fully?
  4. What do you make of the fact that Jesus washes Judas’ feet (John 13:1-11) and offers him the bread and wine, even though he knew Judas was going to betray him?

  5. ‘Judas is defined not by his sin, but by the grace of God who loves him.’

    • What do you think of this?
    • Reflect on the impact of God’s grace in your own life. How does Judas’ story help you to understand and receive that grace?