Sunday Service – 21st Mar ’21


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Message - Mary

The Bible reading for today is Mark 14:1-9. You can read this by clicking here.

During Lent we're providing some questions to go with each message. These are for use in home groups, or for you to reflect on at home.

To download these questions in PDF format, click here.

  1. Whether or not you agree that the woman in Mark’s account could be Mary Magdalene, why do you think Jesus said she would be remembered?
  2. The woman worshipped extravagantly, prophetically and beautifully. What, if anything, stops you worshipping God that way?
  3. Are projects like the proposed Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer an outrageous act of love in line with that showed by the woman in Mark 14, or self-indulgent triumphalism?
    • What about unanswered prayers? How is this installation similar or different to a Cathedral?  Or to Nelson’s Column?
  4. Discuss:
    ‘The one who sees what no one else can see, and loves as no one else loves, and does not what no one else does, is a woman… Mark’s gospel is a story in which the male disciples fade away through stupidity, sin and shame.  Only this woman anticipates Jesus’ burial, only women disciples witness his burial.  “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant” (Mark 10:43) says Jesus, and no one epitomizes this more than the woman at Bethany.’  Samuel Wells
  5. Do you agree that worship like this woman offered can change the world?
  6. Spend some time waiting on God in prayer. Ask Him one way he would have you worship Him more extravagantly or beautifully this week?