Sunday Service – 28th Feb ’21


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The Bible reading for today is John 18:15-27. You can read this by clicking here.

During Lent we're providing some questions to go with each message. These are for use in home groups, or for you to reflect on at home.

To download these questions in PDF format, click here. Thanks to Pat for providing them.

Reading – Matt 26:57-75 or Mark 14:66-72 or Luke 22:54-62 or John 8:24-27

  1. Read again the account of Peter’s denial of Jesus
    • What do you think drove Peter to follow the crowd into the High Priest’s house?
    • What do you think frightened Peter so much when he was challenged about being a follower of Jesus?
    • What ultimately drove Peter to tears?
  2. How did Jesus restore Peter at the lakeside breakfast?
    • Why was Peter upset at Jesus’s third question, “Do you love me?”
    • What did Jesus suggest would happen to Peter later?
    • Why might that have brought Peter comfort or reassurance?
  3. Can you imagine any circumstance in which you might deny Jesus?
    • What about a work or social situation where friends or colleagues ask if you are “one of those born again Christians”?
    • What if official regulations made it illegal to publicly declare allegiance to Jesus?
  4. Spend some time in prayer, asking God to fill you (and others in your group) with His Spirit, to help you to be more surely determined never to deny Jesus, nor to turn your back on Him in any way.