Praying for the Future

As a church we are currently in the middle of a time of focussed prayer, asking God for guidance as we seek to reach out to all in our community. In particular, we are asking whether now is the right time to try and start some form of second meeting/gathering. This would be held at a different time and place to our current Sunday service and would be less traditional in style.

A decision will be made at our AGM on Wednesday 29th April, but before that we are holding a special afternoon of prayer at Ron & Wendy Buttery’s house on Saturday 28th March. The afternoon will run from 1.30pm-5pm and will include prayer, worship, discussion and time to share together. Do join us if you can, and if you’d like more details speak to James or Julia.

As part of our preparation for this day, but also as a guide to inform our praying more generally, we have produced a short leaflet. This explains some of the background to the current situation, addresses some of the more obvious questions and gives some prayer points to get us started. Paper copies are available at church, but if you would like download a copy in PDF format, you can do so by clicking below.

Download Praying for the Future.pdf