New Sermon Series – When You Pray…

Sermon Series - When You PrayDespite growing secularism in Western Europe, statistics suggest that at least half of the adult population of the UK pray at least once a month. Prayer for our world, community and church is one of the key parts of our times of worship together, and few within the church, if asked, would deny that prayer forms (or at least should form) the basis of everything that we do. Jesus assumes that his disciples will pray (Matt 6), and many of us feel that we should be spending a significant amount of our time in prayer.

And yet…whilst for some of us prayer comes easily, for many it is a struggle; difficult, frustrating and disappointing. Too often prayers gets pushed aside as we busy ourselves with life and ministry.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the theme of prayer together, asking why we pray, what prayer is, what we hope to achieve in prayer and how we could make prayer a more central part of our life together. Join us on Sunday mornings, or catch up on the series by following this link (first sermon will be available after 11/01/2015).