‘Living Well With Dementia’

Dementia Day PosterThe South West Baptist Association have organised a day conference called ‘Living Well With Dementia’.

The conference will be on Saturday 26th November from 10am-2.30pm at South Street Baptist Church, and is for anyone who is interested in learning more about dementia and how we can support people living with the illness.

The main speaker will be Dr Jennifer Bute, who was a GP for 25 years and before that a missionary in South Africa. Since her diagnosis of early-onset dementia in 2009 her mission has been to raise awareness about dementia and give an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to live with the illness. The day will include:

‘Living with Dementia: a view from the inside.’ Dr Jennifer Bute
‘Living with Dementia: spiritual aspects … A Glorious Opportunity.’ Dr Jennifer Bute
‘Becoming Dementia Friendly Churches’ Small group discussion and sharing responses
‘Magic Moments … How to improve communication with people who have dementia.’
‘Visiting someone who has dementia.’ Dr Jennifer Bute
‘Care Home visiting as a church activity.’  Dr Ros Simpson

The cost of the day is £10 per person which includes a buffet lunch and drinks.

If you would like to attend the conference, please speak to James or Julia asap.