Harvest Celebration – My Father’s House

On Sunday 4th October we will have our annual Harvest Celebration – a time to give thanks to God for the numerous ways in which he has blessed us, as well as discovering more about the way God is working in different parts of the world changing lives and making himself known.

This year the focus is on BMS World Mission‘s work in Nepal, and particularly on Megan Barker, an Occupational Therapist working in a clinic in partnership with the International Nepal Fellowship. We will be hearing the story of Rami, who broke his back in an accident and believed his life to be over, but thanks to Megan and her colleagues has managed to make a significant recovery. The video that we’ll be watching on Sunday is below for those who can’t make it:

As part of our worship, we will be bringing gifts of non-perishable food and toiletries which will be given to the Exmouth Community Larder. They in turn pass the items on to people who need it most in our local area.

After the service we will share in a hot meal together. There’s no need to book, but if you can stay around to eat and enjoy each other’s company, you’d be very welcome.

UPDATE: TO hear the sermon from this service, click the play button below.