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Baptist Assembly 2021

This year’s Baptist Assembly is happening completely online, which means that it’s accessible to everyone who wants to join in. The Assembly is happening from Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th May, and will include worship, seminars, news about what’s happening around the country and more. On Sunday morning there will… Continue Reading Baptist Assembly 2021

Weekly News 22/11/2020

We’re giving the team a break this week, so there’s no Sunday Service from us. If you’d like to find a service to watch, check out the SWBA website here. Family Worship at 10am will be going ahead as planned. David & Chris will be leading us, and it would… Continue Reading Weekly News 22/11/2020

Flowers & tributes to George Floyd

Racial Justice

Like many, we have been deeply affected by the images coming from the US over the last week, and more so by the underlying narrative of racism and injustice which has been highlighted by the death of George Floyd. As a church, we are committed to seek humbly and prayerfully… Continue Reading Racial Justice