August Sabbatical

During August our ministers, James and Julia, will be on the first month of their sabbatical.

This is a practice encouraged by the Baptist Union for all its ministers, and is a chance to step away from the demands of church life for a while and have more time to rest, pray, study and reflect. The purpose is to enrich their ministry and make it more effective, which benefits both the minister and the church.

Sabbaticals are often taken in one three-month block. However, James and Julia will be taking their sabbatical in three one-month blocks over the next couple of years.

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Sunday Services

During August the church will still be meeting to worship each Sunday morning at 10am at the chapel - with the services being led by different members of the congregation. Unfortunately we won't be able to offer separate children's work during these services, but there will be activity packs available for any children who do come.

The services will be recorded as usual for those unable to join us at the chapel. The service won't be played out on Zoom at 11.30am though. Instead, it will be uploaded to watch online, either via our website or Youtube channel, at some point later in the day.

Prayer Meeting and Home Groups

OurĀ  Prayer Meeting will continue to take place at 9.30am every Tuesday morning via Zoom. This is a chance to join with others from the church to pray for each other, our community, world, church and any other needs. If you'd like the Zoom details, please get in touch.

The Home Groups will be doing a mixture of different things over the summer. Please get in touch with your group leader for more details.

Get In Touch

If you need to contact someone from the church during August, please send an email to or phone 01395 443137. If you phone, you will hear a recorded message giving a mobile number which you can call to speak to one of the deacons.

Both the Whatsapp group and telephone prayer chain will still be active for those who are part of those.