Light Party!

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Welcome to our Light Party 2020!

Unfortunately we can't get together to party this year, but that's not going to stop us.

Those of you who've signed up to receive a Light Party in a Bag should receive those by Saturday lunchtime at the latest. Don't worry if you didn't manage to register for a bag this time though - you can still join in with the activities and games below.


Grownups: Whilst we've tried to make sure everything in the bags is suitable for children, please note that it is your responsibility to check through the bags and make sure you're happy for your child to have everything that's in there. Links to allergen information for the sweets, chocolates and cake are available below. There are also toys in the bags which contain batteries. Please supervise your children at all times.

In the Bag...

In your bags you should find the following items.

Most of it it self-explanatory, but the craft activities will make a bit more sense if you watch the videos below.

  • Sweets & Chocolate
  • Mug Cake Mix (cos it's not a party without a cake, right?)
  • Giant Punch Balloon (blow it up and see how long it takes to irritate your parents and/or break all the ornaments)
  • Glow Toys
  • Light House Craft (see below)
  • Paper Chain Craft (see below)
  • Bookmark (to colour in)
  • 'Who is the Light' Booklet

Jake Calls For Help

Meet Jake, a cheeky monster who gets a bit scared in the dark.

Find out what he learns about making himself feel better...

My Lighthouse

This is one of Jake's very favourite songs (you might know it from school).

Crank up the volume and have a dance and a sing (and if you can persuade some grown-ups to join in - even better!)

Craft Activities

There's two craft activities in your bags. Watch the videos below to find out what to do...

Lighthouse Craft

Use the cups, candle and paper to make your own lighthouse to brighten up your bedroom.

Paper Chains

Brighten your room up by writing some things you're thankful for on the paper chains, then stick them together and hang them somewhere you'll see them.

Craft Activities

Still looking for more fun? Here's some other craft activities and games you could try...

Paper Lanterns

Use up any old pieces of paper/artwork to make your own lantern.

Jam Jar Lantern

Get a used jam jar and decorate it with tissue paper and stickers. Put a light inside and voila!

Glow in the Dark Play Dough

Check out this easy to make play dough that glows 🙂

Doughnuts on a String

Hang up some ring doughnuts on string then have a race to eat them without using your hands.

Apple Bobbing

A classic! Fill a deep bowl/tub with water then chuck a load of apples in. Take it in turns to try and grab an apple using only your mouth.

Glow Stick Bowling

One of the favourites from our light party last year. Put some glow stick in bottles of water, turn off the lights and have a go at knocking them all over with a ball.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch with us, please don't hesitate to give us a ring on

01395 443137

or email on

You can also find us, and stay up to date with other activities going on, on Facebook and Twitter.

Allergen Info

The Light Bags have different sweets and chocolates in them. Links to the allergen information for each, as well as the cake mixes, can be seen below: