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This Christmas community groups and churches from across the town are coming together to celebrate the Christmas story through art.

From early December there'll be an art trail across the town telling different parts of the story. We're also encouraging everyone to join in by putting stars in their windows.

Visit the Follow the Star website for more details, along with videos, craft ideas, service details and more!

Advent Packs Title

Join us for Family Worship on Sunday mornings throughout Advent as we follow the star and discover the Christmas story together.

We meet each week at 10am on Zoom. For safeguarding reasons we can't give the details here, but get in touch if you'd like to join in.

Each week we'll also be sending out special Advent packs related to that week's theme. These will include craft, puzzles, an Advent picture to build and more.

If you'd like a pack for your child, please get in touch by phoning James & Julia on 01395 443137, send an email to or send a message via Facebook or Twitter.