Climate Change & the Poor

It is a well-known fact that climate change has a disproportionate impact on the poorest and most vulnerable around the world. Whereas we often have the means to adapt to a changing climate, the poor are at greater risk from growing food insecurity, natural disasters, scarce resources and more. The Bible makes clear the link between worshipping God and loving our neighbours. Today, this must include even those we have not met, but whose lives are affected by the choices we make.

The reading for this week is Isaiah 58:1-12. You can hear the sermon by clicking 'play' below.


Plant in drought

What Can I Do?

Lots of the changes we can make are things that have already been mentioned in other weeks. These include:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint, through using less energy, cutting down on emissions, thinking about the distance our food travels, and eating less meat. You can find out more by completing this short questionnaire, or on Ruth Valerio‚Äôs blog or the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Trying to think about the ethical consequences of what we buy. This includes food, but also clothes, technology and lots of other items. Cotton, for example, is often produced using huge amounts of water and pesticides, and is grown through forced labour. There are alternatives, however, and a growing number of companies signing up to only using ethical and sustaniable sources. You can read more about it by clicking here, and about the fashion industry more generally here.
  • Trying Lemon Treeto cut down on the chemicals we put into the eco-system, by thinking about the cleaning and beauty products that we use.

The Time is Now

The Time is Now FlyerOn 26th June 2019 Christian Aid, along with other agencies, are organising a mass lobby event in London, calling on politicians to take action for climate justice.

To find out more and take part, click here. Alternatively, if you can't get to London but still want to participate, click here to sign a petition asking for politicians to act.

If you can't go to London

Climate Change & Poverty Infographic