In addition to our weekly worship services and prayer times, we organise a number of regular activities.

See below for more details, or see the calendar for what's coming up.

Home Groups

Home groups are a great opportunity to gather with a smaller number of people and share, learn, pray and support each other.

We currently have three groups running - one on a Tuesday evening and two on Wednesday afternoons. Some of the groups are able to meet in hybrid format for those who would prefer to join in online.

If you'd like to join a group, or just find out more at this stage, please get in touch with our ministers.

Reading the Bible

Coffee & Chat

Every Thursday morning a small group get together to drink coffee, make crafts and chat.

We'd love to see some new faces, so do come along and meet us.

The meeting location varies, but is usually either at the chapel or a local coffee shop. Check the calendar or get in touch for more details.


Chess Club

Our chess club meets on a slightly ad hoc basis, usually in a local coffee shop.

It's a chance to chat, share life and sometimes even play some chess!

Check the calendar or get in touch if you'd like to know when we're next going to meet.

Chess Set

Walking Group

Some of us join in with the regular walks organised by Seachange - the local health and wellbeing hub.

These walks are 2.5-3 miles long and usually take place on Tuesday mornings.

For more info and to receive news about the walks being planned, visit the Seachange website by clicking here.

Chess Set