Nauta Training Centre

Nauta TC

The Nauta Training Centre was established a few years ago as a result of a partnership between a group of local pastors and BMS World Mission. Nauta is located just outside the city of Iquitos in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, in an area rich in natural resources but where many suffer from poverty, malnutrition and disease.

Several years ago, some of the local pastors had a vision of building their own training centre where they, along with other pastors and church leaders from both the city and the remote communities, could study and learn together. The majority of them had received no formal theological training, and many of them have only a basic education. When BMS Mission Workers Gill Thurgood and Harland Rivas arrived in Iquitos, they were able to help, with funding from BMS, to make the dream a reality.

Nauta Training Course

Currently, the centre runs 4-5 training courses a year, with each course lasting a week. Some of the students have to travel up to ten hours by boat to get to the courses, and nearly all of them have to give up work, and therefore their weekly income, to attend.

The courses offer a basic introduction to the Bible and theology, covering subjects from Integral Mission to how to understand the book of Revelation! At the same time, classes are spent looking at community development, nutrition, health and other important skills which can be used to help those who are most struggling in the jungle communities.

BMS are running a summer appeal asking for support for the centre. They have produced a short video which focusses on two people whose lives have been transformed. You can see the video below. For more information about the summer appeal, click here.

BMS currently has a long-term mission worker at the centre – Laura Lee Lovering. To read more about Laura and see some of her prayer letters, click here.