God’s Creation

God created everything that exists, and declared that it was good! He’s given us the special task of stewarding and caring for his creation.

However, as we’re becoming increasingly aware, the planet is in trouble. 97% of scientists now attribute changes in the climate to man-made influence,  and we are getting close to crossing the threshold of temperature change that will cause catastrophic damage. Climate change is already having a huge impact on our wildlife, the poor, food security and many other aspects of life.

The sermon for this week was based on Genesis 1:1-31, You can hear it again by clicking the play button below.

Earth Cartoon

What Can I Do?


Going Deeper…

  • Ruth Valerio has written a number of books and Bible studies helping Christians to engage with questions about climate change and care. Her blog is also an excellent resource, and includes a number of practical ideas and tips.
  • BMS World Mission produced a special issue of their Catalyst magazine looking at climate change. It includes a number of challenging and helpful articles.
  • The video below (while a bit dated) features various prominent theologians, including John Stott, talking about the biblical basis for caring for creation.
BMS Catalyst Magazine Cover